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Full Version: Minecraft 1.9
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Some of you will probably already be aware of this, but just for the people that might not and just to get some activity on the forums again; Minecraft 1.9 will, if everything goes to plan, be released on Thursday the 25th of February and Spigot and Craftbukkit (The 'software' most minecraft servers run on) are intended to be released the day after.
We will have to see if the plugins will break in the new version, which some likely will and some might not, but this update should deploy much faster than the previous 1.8 update
EDIT: Release of Minecraft 1.9 has been delayed to monday the 29th..
Minecraft 1.9 AND Spigot 1.9 have now been released and are working fine, including most of the plugins. Sadly enough, the residences and craftbook plugins are not working yet in 1.9.
EDIT: Residence now works fine on Spigot 1.9.
Thanks for information, will be updating to MC 1.9 in coming days!
Since the server has not been fixed yesterday and is quite unplayable in it's current state, I'm just letting you know that the collision masks are broken, so we can't walk through doors, over beds, chests, slabs etc. And of course the end is still disabled.
Just letting you know that the latest version of McMMO works in the latest version of craftbukkit/spigot. (And requires a very recent version)