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[MUST READ] Posting Guidelines - TheStriker095 - 12-22-2015

***In order to process disputes efficiently as possible it is mandatory that this guideline is used 100% of the time. All threads not adhering to this guideline will be deleted with no consideration taken. Thank you for your cooperation.

Arrow Post dispute here.

Thread Title: [ShortReason] [Date] - [MCName]

Your Message:
Minecraft Name: [MCName]
Minecraft UUID: [UUID]
Ban Reason: [Reason]
Ban Date: [Date]

Write 2-4 paragraphs detailing why we should exonerate you from existing punishments:



Where [Date] is the date you were banned following the format MM/DD/YY (Ex: 01/02/16 would be January 2, 2016)
Where [MCName] is your Minecraft Name
Where [Reason] is the exact reason you were banned (This can be found by attempting to log onto LiveAndBuild.Net)
Where [ShortReason] if a brief reason you were banned (Ex: Griefing, Spam, or Profanity; etc...)
Where [UUID] is your Minecraft UUID (Found here: http://mcuuid.net/)