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[MUST READ] Posting Guidelines
[Owner] TheStriker095


Dec 2015
***In order to process applicants efficiently as possible it is mandatory that this guideline is used 100% of the time when applying for Staff. All threads not adhering to this guideline will be deleted with no consideration taken. Thank you for your cooperation.

Arrow Post application here.

Thread Subject: [Date] [MCName] - [Name]

Your Message:
Name: [Name]
Age: [Age]
Minecraft Name: [MCName]
Minecraft UUID: [UUID]
Fluent Language(s): [Language]
Country: [Country]
Time Zone: [Time Zone]

Approximate average number of hours on LiveAndBuild.Net per day: 
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 
How long have you been playing on LiveAndBuild.Net?: 
What type of staffing experience (mod, admin, etc) have you had on other servers?: 
What would you say your biggest personal flaw as a Staff Member would be?: 
What have you done personally for the server? (on the forums or in game): 

Write 2-4 paragraphs detailing why we should choose you for the position of Staff:



Where [Age] if your current age
Where [Country] is your geographical location (Ex: Canada)
Where [Date] is the current Date following the format MM/DD/YY (Ex: 01/02/16 would be January 2, 2016)
Where [Language] is a list of spoken Languages with the first language listed first (Ex: English, French; English would be your first language and French would be your second)
Where [MCName] is your Minecraft Name
Where [Name] is your First Name
Where [Time Zone] if your geographical timezone in Greenwich Mean Time (Ex: GMT-8 would be Pacific Standard Time)
Where [UUID] is your Minecraft UUID (Found here: http://mcuuid.net/)

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