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Poll: clevernameneeded for Staff
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Clevernameneeded staff application


Dec 2015
Name:Palmer Hansen
Age: 17
Minecraft Name: clevernameneeded
Minecraft UUID: 512758d7-19ab-4c06-b638-95f831359f3b
Fluent Language(s): english, spanish(not 100% fluent but can carry on a conversation)
Country: United states
Time Zone: CST

Approximate average number of hours on LiveAndBuild.Net per day: 3-5

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
since beta 1.8
How long have you been playing on LiveAndBuild.Net?:
3-4 years
What type of staffing experience (mod, admin, etc) have you had on other servers?:
- Staff on live and build servers for 6 months
- owner of my own server

What would you say your biggest personal flaw as a Staff Member would be?:
Typeing is not easy for me and i might focus on school more than the game so it might be hard for me to get on daily
What have you done personally for the server? (on the forums or in game): 
In the past i have been a staff and done som good work at cleaning up chat and keeping the major greif problem at bay, on the newest server its just pretty much saying language when people use profane language.
Write 2-4 paragraphs detailing why we should choose you for the position of Staff:

In my days since being staff i have improved upon my work ethic in school and thus improved my life, so i feel with this new life changes i could do so much for the server, including but not limited to: being there when no one else is, makeing tough descistions under pressure and helping with anything anyone needs.

When on my personal server i learned that manageing a server is not as simple as it may seem. Thus i am offering that if help is ever needed i can be a consultant. As well i can also help players with their questions concerning rules and commands and any aspect of the game.

Thank you for your consideration, clevernameneeded.

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