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Poll: mrposhjoe for Staff
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Staff application: mrposhjoe


Dec 2015
Name: Joe Harris
Age: 16
Minecraft Name: mrposhjoe
Minecraft UUID: d9ae3061-6d01-4372-bcb1-2ed6c43752d6
Fluent Language(s): English
Country: England, United Kingdom
Time Zone: GMT

Approximate average number of hours on LiveAndBuild.Net per day: 4-6 hours
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 2 and 1/2 years
How long have you been playing on LiveAndBuild.Net?: 2 years

What type of staffing experience (mod, admin, etc) have you had on other servers?: I have previously ran my own survival server.

What would you say your biggest personal flaw as a Staff Member would be?: Very rarely an expletive slips out, however I have recently amended the language i use in order to follow the Live and build rules.

What have you done personally for the server? (on the forums or in game): I have of course massively contributed to it's activity and have encouraged those who are new and allowing them to have an enjoyable experience on live and build.

Write 2-4 paragraphs detailing why we should choose you for the position of Staff: 
I am an active member of the Live and build community, and it is very important to me that live and build prospers and grows, and that rules are enforced. I'm also a very experienced member of live and build of whom cares that it's original values, and unique style is kept.

While admittedly i have made mistakes on live and build, however I have apologised and rectified those mistakes. And the reason why i believe i would be a good candidate for the staff position is that I'm passionate and I care about every users experience on live and build, and I will do my very best to ensure that I continue with my activity, and do my very best to ensure everybody has fun on live and build. It is also important to me that griefing is kept to a minimum so that all players have complete satisfaction.

Thank you for reading, mrposhjoe


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